Set theory in osu!

A set (also known as beatmapset) is a collection of beatmaps.

Set theory in osu! relates to how a set as a whole is perceived. When players find your map in song select, how do they feel?

Full spread

A full spread is a set that consists of all difficulties for osu! players. Mappers tend to disagree with what defines a full spread, although common definitions include ENHI, ENHIX, NHI, and NHIX.

full spread

Some reasons for ENHIX as the definition of full spread include:

  • Since players have gotten better over time, it's nice to have a difficulty above Insane in mapsets
  • Due to the unique nature of how Easy difficulties are mapped, a set may not feel complete without one

Solo spread

A solo spread is when all difficulties in the set are made by the mapset host.

solo spread

Solo spread is ideal when:

  • You want players to play your maps and your maps only when they play the set
  • You want to use a specific concept across all difficulties of the set

Collab set

A collab set is when part or all of the set is done in collaboration.

collab set

Examples of collab sets include:

  • When all difficulties are a collab between two mappers
  • When the top difficulty of a set is a collab

GD set

A GD set is when all of the difficulties in a set are done by different mappers.

gd set


  • Mappers that specialize in mapping a certain way can bring unique content to the set
  • The mapset host can focus on improving their difficulty instead of making new ones

Mixed set

A mixed set is one that features both GDs and more than one map made by the mapset host.

mixed set

Some reasons mixed sets occur include:

  • The mapset host wants to invite certain mappers to participate in their set
  • The mapset host may not be interested in making other difficulties

High diffs only

A mapset that doesn't include an Easy or Normal is said to be high diffs only.

high diffs only

Common high diffs only sets include:

  • Longer songs where the mapper wants to create a sense of difficulty

Low diffs only

A mapset that excludes Insane and above is said to be low diffs only.

low diffs only

Common low diffs only sets include:

  • Slower songs that don't support complex rhythms

One difficulty

A mapset that consists of no more than one beatmap is said to be one difficulty.

one difficulty

One difficulty sets are ideal when:

  • The song is long (e.g. marathon) and making other difficulties would take a while
  • You want the player to feel like there's only one difficulty they have to clear

Published: July 12, 2021

Last Updated: July 12, 2021

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