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2021-11-04 thought this set was interesting it's a meme song though lol

this is a good example of connections theory in action and I think a lot of newer maps end up looking like this

connections theory 1

would be another example with different slider shapes

connections theory 2

if you recall halgoh is one of the main people of connections theory and made which is in a similar style to the maps above

halgoh connections theory

I think the main way to execute connections theory successfully is to 1. use diverse slider shapes and 2. overlap large sliders in different directions

halgoh connections theory 2

blankets are also important, here's another one of halgoh's maps

halgoh connections theory blankets

sliders like this are super common in this style

halgoh connections theory sliders


halgoh connections theory sliders 2

remember you can use mapping tools to copy any slider you want and it'll automatically make it the correct timing for any song you wanna map

dunno if halgoh does it by hand but you don't have to make every slider by hand if mapping tools helps you map faster with a library of nice-looking sliders

putting a long slider between 2 other sliders is extremely common in connections theory (note the slider shape of 2), map is

connections theory example pattern

usually these maps are slider-heavy since all the sliders are supposed to feel connected

is another example of overlapping large sliders in different directions

connections theory example pattern 2

I highlighted more objects so you can see what this mapper is doing with the structure of everything around here but the biggest thing is 1 and 6 (in the olc school of thought this is the "focal element" of this part of the map)


connections theory example pattern 3



you have mappers like ScubDomino that create unique works but you also have mappers like that do what's already been done

I think this is very philosophical and the kinds of people that "do what has already been done" will always exist, and not just in osu mapping

after all, who "wouldn't" do what has already been proven to work? I'm guessing cultural background plays a big role here

and since osu is a global game, we have a variety of mappers with completely different views on mapping and the world in general

both are "rankable" but the kuki map is like working at a fast food restaurant

I'm thinking ScubDomino maps in comparison would be like someone that makes their own recipes

and of course "someone" has to make the recipe before other people that don't bother with making recipes can use them



long rant from yesterday but the tl;dr is that I don't like how industrial the nomination process is

in contrast I believe the act of mapping itself allows for far greater intellectual freedom

I feel like part of the reason why so many ranked maps look the same could be because of an "industrialization effect" where mappers intentionally map a certain way to make the nomination process easier for them

whether intentionally or not, these mappers end up following a certain set of rules that increase the chances of certain nominators being interested in their sets (at least until they get to the point where the nominator will nominate anything regardless of the style used)

more on the industrial part: I also dislike how BNs can be "thrown away" if they're not useful

traditionally the BAT position meant you loved maps and wanted to push maps to the ranked section with bubble/heart/flame icons

the modern nomination process feels less personal than the BAT era and BNs aren't kept because of their love for mapping, but rather for their ability to perform a certain amount of activity per month

I dislike this mindset since BNs are effectively "nomination bots" in this sense, although as you know there are some BNs with more passion for the game than others



I've traditionally thought of BNs as the kinds of people to help mappers but in reality how much you help people is up to you

so some BNs may be more willing to help you than others but the main reason BNs exist is to have a certain amount of activity/month to keep a consistent flow of newly ranked maps for players

whether or not certain maps get pushed doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things, as long as you're doing your part in maintaining the consistent flow of new beatmaps

anyway as a modder I modded a variety of maps since I thought BNs were supposed to be knowledgeable of many different things

in reality the role is less serious than I thought and although there are some knowledgeable BNs, you don't have to know as much as I thought you needed to know to become one

to be clear, BNs I consider knowledgeable are those that are capable of modding/mapping a variety of different songs/maps, and are able to do that consistently well

it turns out that being able to mod a variety of different songs/mapping styles isn't something necessary for the role of BN, and the status quo is that BNs should only push what they like so it doesn't feel like a job

the reason I still haven't accepted the role of BN could possibly be because I still think of them as BATs (or beatmap appreciation team)

I assume the name change to BN was done intentionally to emphasize how they focus on nominating maps (not necessarily appreciate them)

basically I'm still in shock by the industrial nature of the ranking process

I'm guessing there's a lot more maps/mappers than even just 3 years ago so that could have affected things

anyway I feel like my love for osu is getting in the way here since when I played osu I would play every map to set a score on it

the reality is not everyone does that and BNs have a lot of freedom when it comes to choosing what to nominate (e.g. "english only", "4* and below only")

basically the experience sucks for non-BNs unless you map for a certain BN's preferences

I don't doubt that's what some mappers do too btw, although I can't help but feel like some of those maps are "artificial"/"fake"

I think this is a good life lesson for creative work in general since I feel like once you get good enough in other fields the same topic comes up



I tend to use the word "generic" here although some mappers prefer to describe generic maps as "meta"

basically "meta" maps are rankable and players might like them although from a mapping point of view they're just that... meta lol

some mappers call it "simple" but I don't think the word simple works here

a generic/meta map can be complex but not do anything that stands out in terms of mapping

in other words, your typical map that plays well but doesn't give you a lasting impression with patterns characteristic of that map

in contrast a simple map doesn't have to be meta, it can be fundamentally simple but still test the player in ways that are unusual, or use patterns that you wouldn't find in other maps



well I still have access to the mentorship channels and the current discussion is why some mentees don't have ranked maps

nao tomori was spot-on btw, I guess there's more people than just me that "farm sets until BN for b4b" lol

as I said I know my maps are rankable (some of them have issues I haven't fixed yet, but I could push them with 2 BNs)

and I'd rather spend my time making sets that I believe are masterpieces than appealing to the preferences of a certain BN

some of my sets aren't as great as other ones but I still upload to show progress (and who knows, maybe someone likes the song with the worse map more)

I also said earlier that at some point you become skilled enough at mapping that you know other mappers are below your current skill level (most obvious with new mappers, although some of you may be better than you think)